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In October 2006, i decided to make this page, to gather all my interests. The various links will take you to games and other things which interests me.

In time i hope to have alot of links etc. :)


20 November 2006
Day of Remembrance.

For most of us, this day means nothing - but for many other it does. It is the day, where those killed by transgender hatred or prejudice - is remembered.
The real question is - is it really that hard, to let people live the life they wish? - To just accept theyre choices ? - Whom are we to force upon others, what we belive is right and wrong?. Life is a learning experience, and noone knows the right answers. There is none - only that which we each, feel is right and wrong for ourself. And aslong as it hurts noone - can we not just accept it?
I belive that persons should be allowed to be whom they feel they are. If they feel they are of the wrong gender, then let them change. Does it hurt any who is fine with theyre own gender? - then let them be - instead support and aid them.
As a Paladin would say in a game of RolePlaying
"In the darkest night, in the worse moment of dispair and hopelessnes, then raise, and be the light whom shows the others the way, be the wall which they can lean on, be the ground which they can walk on. Shield them from evil, and bring hope where there is none. THAT is our code - we who has the strength"
Perhaps a virtue we all - even if it comes from a computer game - could learn something from ?

For those interested for more info, you can find it here:
Day of Rememberence

16 October 2006
Started to work on this homepage


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